Celtic Crêpes

Paris can be synonymous with crêpes. However, the true epicenter of crêpes in France is Brittany. Unfortunately, Brittany is a few hundred kilometers away and we don’t have plans to visit until spring. I’m also concerned that DJB, until he gets his bearings straight, will direct us to Britain instead.   Fortunately, the area around Gare Montparnasse is essentially Little Brittany (as the trains from this station lead directly to Brittany). We strolled down Rue de Montparnasse and eventually devoured two delicious crêpes.

The street is literally littered with creperies.

I think you get the idea. You can Google which restaurants are the best; we chose the Plougastel.  

I ordered a spinach and egg crêpe and DJB went with the mushroom and cheese. It's traditional to drink cider with these crêpes so DJB ordered a bouteille (of which he drank 95%).

I must say the cider went extraordinarily well with the crêpes and for whatever reason drinking anything out of a bowl makes it seem that much better. Our seat was right beside the open kitchen and we watched the crêpe process. After politely asking him, the chef even let us take a picture. Merci monsieur!

À demain! 

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