J Brand-ed

A while back, a friend of mine confessed that she only wore J Brand jeans because she claimed they were sooooooooooo comfortable. I didn't believe her.

Jeans - J Brand; Blouse - BCBG: Shoes - Zara; Purse - Marc by Marc Jacobs; Belt - Jacob; Earrings - Urban
Or maybe I didn't want to believe her because these jeans can be pricey and weren't in my budget at the time. Well I finally caved and bought a pair, on sale, and yup she was right, sooooooooooooo comfortable! I like pairing coloured jeans with black or another neutral colour. I'm not yet convinced that I can pull off the colour blocking trend. I wore this out on a Saturday night. DJB and I decided to go explore the St. Germain district and all of its nightlife but somehow ended up at the Great Canadian Pub. Not sure how that happened but it was a great night regardless!

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