CMB Workplace Uniform Challenge - From Tiresome to Trendy

The Challenge: Take an ordinary Flight Centre uniform and transform it into a fashionable work outfit.

The Goods On Hand:
Navy short sleeved ruched top;
White 3/4 sleeve white collared shirt;
Navy blazer;
Navy pants;
Navy pencil skirt;
Navy short sleeved sheath dress;
Black belt;
Men's tie

The Rules: Retail staff/Corporate Traveller and Head Office Support must wear the uniform. Black shoes are generally required.

The End Result: By bending the rules juuuuuust a little, I was able to put together 4 different stylish looks with the pieces mentioned above.

Look # 1 - The Flight Attendant (when I put on this outfit I felt like I was jetting off somewhere)
Although the tie is normally worn by the guys, I figured the ladies of Flight Centre could make it look just as great. Layering your navy short sleeved ruched top over the 3/4 sleeved collared shirt is a great pairing with your white cotton shirt.  Use your tee as an alternative to the knit Flight Centre vest if you don't have one or want a different look. Cinch your waist with a skinny belt, I went with a blue braided belt (non-uniform) and complete the look with some grey tights and classic black pumps.

Look #2 - Dress to Impress
Short sleeved sheath dress and 3/4 sleeved collared shirt combo. Add your own skinny belt or use the Flight Centre one to give some shape to the boxy dress.  Throw on a statement necklace.  Great if you're at a desk all day, if clients only see the top half you might as well make it interesting.  I chose seed pearl and gold chain piece for Yvonne. 

For you fashion forward Flighties (I've heard you're quite the stylish bunch) try textured tights to make your outfit pop.  Keep them neutral if they're a louder pattern and leave the fishnets at home.

Look #3 - Wear The Pants At The Office
Spicing up the Navy pants was probably the most challenging so I kept the styling simple and classic.

On top: Tee and Cotton top from Look #1.This time around, I combined the blue and grey belts together and added some interest with darker beaded bracelets.

Look #4 - Short Skirt, Long Jacket
From what I hear the Flight Centre/Corporate Traveller blazer might not be a favorite piece but great if you want that extra bit of professionalism or even if it's cold day and all your FC sweaters are in the laundry!

Roll the sleeves up for a different look. Wear the Flight Centre belt over the blazer to create some shape and adding jewelry is always fun.  I added mint and turquoise pieces to perk up all of the navy.

Lace tights are on the risque side so feel free to wear regular tights in neutrals, black, navy, grey etc.  For fall and winter, opaque ones are modern and keep you Flighties in the northern hemisphere warm. 

The Verdict:
Yvonne @ Corporate Traveller:  I'm sure I'm the LEAST creative person at my company when it comes to my uniform.  I wear the pieces as they come, straight from the bag, rarely adding embellishments like jewelry so being styled for CMB was really fun.  You opened up my mind and took me out of my comfort zone, like whoa, patterned tights! 

I've complained in the past about having to wear a uniform but bottom line is I actually love not thinking about I'm going to wear every day, out our uniforms can still look great and the fact that I don't have to dedicate any of my fashion budget for work clothes? Awesome :)

Joanna from CMB: It was fun styling the Flight Centre uniform and trying to put together outfits that were outside the box. 

Flighties, feel free to leave a comment and share your own stylish uniform ideas!

For all my regular readers, if you want the ease of a uniform, create your own "uniform" by purchasing basic neutral pieces and using the same tips!

Spice It Up Summary:
Fun manicures (just don't let your nails get chipped)
Roll up the sleeves
Layer pieces

The Models: Yours truly and CMBs photographer extraordinaire, Yvonne Ho.

The Photos: Yvonne Ho and yours truly.

Thanks to Yvonne for pitching this challenge and agreeing to be in front of the camera for a change!

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  1. Although I don't have to wear a uniform I love how different all of the outfits look! Great job!