A Little Bit of Leather

I'm not opposed to wearing pleather, not at all, but there's something about wearing real leather that I really enjoy.

Knit Sweater - Anna Catherine; Blouse - Jacob; Jeans - Joe Fresh; Pumps - Reed Krakoff; Necklace - J Crew; Earrings - Gift 

Today's outfit consists of a leather sleeved knit sweater and  pair of sexy black and grey leather pumps. The shoes were a great find at a random corner store in Paris. The store was filled with some of the most amazing designer brands but for a fraction of the price, mainly due to the items being several seasons old. A pair of classic black pumps never go out of style so I decided to be safe and purchased these beautiful Reed Krakoff's. The location of this photo shoot was at Rue Crémieux , a colorful hidden little gem of a street in Paris, which was a nice contrast to the rather colourless outfit I chose that day.


Village de Noël

It will be strange celebrating Christmas in such a milder climate. I kind of miss the snow and cold during this period, then I think about this (pic from the Edmonton Journal):

Fortunately, Paris has some decent Christmas markets that makes up for the lack of blizzards and -20 weather. The Village de Noël is probably the most visited one because it's on the Champs-Elysées.

The market takes up a few blocks and is filled with all kinds of stands.

I'm not sure why Mulled wine isn't as big back home as it is here but these stands should be on every corner.

I opted for the extra large.

These things are equally as delicious. It's like a marshmallow covered in chocolate.

Don't worry, there are plenty of other treats if you are not a a marshmallow thing fan. The gingerbread men reminds me of when DJB and I first started dating. I made him a gingerbread man thinking he would cherish it forever, instead he instantly bit the head off.  

This smelled as good as it looks.

Whoever invented this should be awarded the Nobel price in condiment delivery.

I finished off the day with a Germanic sausage. I forget exactly which one, but there are a ton of vendors from Alsace so there is no shortage of hearty food. Look at all those healthy veggies!

Is Paris a winter wonderland? No, but I'm fine with not having my mascara freeze for at least one winter:)


Jardin des Plantes

These pictures were taken in October so don't think it's like this right now in Paris, because it's pretty chilly. The Jardin des Plantes is one of my favourite places in the city. The name might give you a hint that there are plants in this park (as in most parks I guess...), but there are also several museums and a zoo. I figure a post about flowers and zoo animals is a perfect thing to make the start of winter blues go away.

Okay, so I have to warn you. The zoo pictures aren't the best. I was too distracted keeping DJB out of the cages.

It's a good thing flamingos are prettier than they smell and sound.

I love it when non zoo animal end up in the exhibits.

This guy refused to move.

Dee Jay Bee after all you can eat mussels.

Terrible picture? Yes. Coolest bird ever? Doubles Yes. The Kea is the only Alpine parrot in the world (it's from New Zealand) and I want one really bad. If you are really bored you can watch this: Kea

This thing was extremely suspicious of DJB.

Also suspicious...

One of these things is not like the other...

Black Jaguar...look at those teeth!

Hopefully the flowers and animals warmed you up (except maybe that last one). Have a great day!


Mis-Matched Military Style

It was very fitting taking these outfit photos at the Military Museum the other day, as I had just happened to be wearing this gorgeous red, military inspired jacket.

Jacket - BCBG; Sweater and Boots - H&M; Dress - French Connection; Tights - Unknown; Ring - Silpada; Earrings - Poland; Necklace - Lia Sophia
I'm not sure how I managed to put all of these mismatched patterns and textures together but somehow it worked for me that day. I do love the simplicity and elegance of wearing all black or just wearing one stand out piece but on this particular day I just wasn't in that kind of mood. I have noticed that many Parisian women shy away from wearing colour and on more than a few occasions I have been the lone colour wearer in a sea of black and grey attired Metro riders. Needless to say I got a a few odd looks this day. I didn't mind though, I just returned the look with a smile (another thing that many Parisian women shy away from)!


My Fall Uniform

I am extremely happy to have experienced a real fall for the first time in my life. It's November and I haven't had to pull out the winter coat yet (which is good because I didn't bring one with me!).

Blouse - Dex ; Sweater - Club Monaco; Jacket - BCBG; Jeans - Jessica Simpson; Boots - Expression; Scarf - Unknown; Sunnies - Kate Spade; Earrings - Gift; Bracelets - Rox On & Pandora; Watch - Bulova
Instead, my Parisian fall uniform has consisted of layers. I'll usually wear a longer blouse under a light sweater with a cropped jacket over top. This outfit is almost always topped off with a stylish scarf, which is a Parisian staple for both men and women. Good thing I brought a handful of those with me! 

PS - Can you spot the photo-bomb?