Random Paris

Over the last month (I can't believe it has been a month), we've seen a lot of the city. Here are a few random highlights from the past few weeks.

A few weekend ago, we attended the Paris Silhouette film festival. It was free, outdoors, and showcased short films. It was way out in the 19th, but DJB found some Tyskie at the store next to the festival so he was happy. We watched the following films:

Stew and Punch - Hilarious British film.

PYRG-SKOK - Weird Russian animated film, I had no idea what was going on.

A Little Farther - Iranian film,  which was good, but difficult to follow because I don't speak Farsi and my French isn't up to snuff.

The Hunter - Animated film that took place in winter in the wilderness and it reminded me that I won't be experiencing -40 weather this year.

Solo Piano - Very short, it was about the life of an abandoned piano in NYC.

Il Est Des Notre - Funny (at times weird), about a guy who lives in a garage.

That same weekend, we also attended "Le Grand Feu", which is the largest fireworks display in Europe. I've never seen fireworks like that; watching the show from a bridge over the Seine only added to the experience.

When the weather was good, we managed to do a lot of picnicking. One of our favorite spots is right beside the river. If the weather is nice, regardless of what day of the week it is, Parisians flock here to enjoy food and and wine.

After the 4th consecutive day of rain, we were in desperate need of comfort food, so DJB sought out the only fish and chips place in Paris. The Sunken Chip is a trendy place right now in Paris and it certainly hit the spot, but at 38 euros I think we'll wait until we head to England to have this again.

Finally, the big score from last week was DJB's purchase of 6 Kronenbourg glasses for 3 euros from a café down the street. He proceeded to replicate this commercial every 4 minutes.

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