La Défense

We all know how Parisians play, but how do they work? Well, a lot of them work in La Defense. Located in the deep west of the city, this area is home to over 1500 head offfices. Although there are 72 skyscrapers, this area is not a typical soulless downtown core full of matchstick men that I am used to.

The Grande Arch dominates this area. This structure is modeled after the Arch de Triomphe; it is much larger and people actually work in it.

During lunch hour, people flock to the steps to enjoy their break. They are constantly battling with the pigeons.

There is also a boardwalk at the very west end of La Défense which is also popular during lunch time.

This can't be motivating to look at during work.

They legislated that public artwork be integrated into the design of the area.

The art does add a nice touch, but most of the buildings were designed in a matter that makes them less brutish than many other cities.

It was +30 that day, and this is what I felt like saying to everyone working...

You can walk from one arch to the other, but taking the metro is much easier. 

Thumbs up to the Défense.

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