Happy Halloween: Catacombs

Happy Halloween!

Although there are some Halloween festivities in Paris, it's just not the same without those Halloween candies! If you're in Paris and in need of a scare, head down to the Catacombs and you'll have the chance to see 6 million (yes...6 million) skeletons. When the city ran out of room in the cemeteries, they had to make room...

You don't really know what to expect when you enter and descend a few hundred feet under ground.

You see carvings in the stone.

Elaborate archways.

Warning signs...

Finally, you see the remains of many, many people.

Google it.

Happy Halloween!


Shorts in the Fall

I never thought that I would wear shorts at the end of October, being used to a cooler Canadian autumn, but alas it has happened!

Shorts and Boots - H&M; Tights - The Bay; Sweater - Calvin Klein; Denim Jacket - Only: Scarf and Bracelet - Gift: Watch - Bulova
Thanks in part to this trend I have been seeing as of late in Paris of wearing tights underneath  shorts, I was more than happy to dig out some nice black dressy shorts and pair them with one of the several pairs of tights I brought with me. If you think about it though, it's not that much different from wearing a skirt with tights. It also reminds me of my childhood which is the last time I wore such an outfit. Instead of dressy shorts and opaque tights, it was knee length denim shorts and my moms pantyhose. Am I right Karina and Emily??


Parc de la Villette

September seems so long ago, and so does the +30 weather. A few days ago, I stumbled upon these pictures we took at Parc de la Villette in September. It was incredibly hot that day which is nice to think about instead of the snow that is falling in my home town :)

The park is located at the edge of the 19th district. It is modern, massive, home to the City of Science and Industry and, among other things, the Zenith. We will be heading to the Zenith in a few weeks to see the Lumineers!

The park is cut in half by the Canal de L'Ourcq.

There are a few hotels near here and the Canal Saint-Martin, which would be a great place to stay if you are a seasoned Paris visitor or if you don't mind commuting during your visit.

Of course there are the usual french carousals that DJB keeps getting denied access to.

Creepy empty swing moving in the wind.

What's a park without a giant metal sphere.

And a submarine!

Another popular venue located in the park.

Urban fishing.

If you have a day to spare in Paris, Parc de la Villette is worth the trip. If you can handle it, you can follow the water all the way to the Seine.


Something Borrowed

Plaid always seems to find its way back onto the fashion scene every couple of years. I have noticed that its a hot trend right now in Paris as the store windows are showcasing everything from plaid dresses to flannel/leather combinations.

Plaid Shirt - Urban Behaviour (DJB's): Jacket - Vera Moda; Pants - H&M; Beanie - Jacob; Tank - BCBG; Wedges - MRKT; Key Necklace - Gift; Ring - Silpada
Initially I contemplated purchasing a plaid shirt for myself but quickly realized that it wouldn't be necessary thanks to DJB, who wears a European small and has had one of these in rotation for the past few years. It fit like a charm and looked great paired with some pleather skinnies and a little bit of lace!


European Heritage Days

About a month ago, DJB and I attended some venues that were open to the public for European Heritage Days. Each year, cities across the continent open up their public buildings for one weekend. Unfortunately, the first day rained like crazy so we didn't venture out. The Sunday was gloriously sunny so we managed to visit the Ecole Militaire (Napoleon attended this school), The Arc de Triomphe, and the National Assembly.

Our first stop was the Ecole Militaire, unfortunately all the photos were accidentally deleted. Basically it had a lot of military stuff showcasing the long history of the French army loosing wars to the Germans and British (kidding..!). DJB drew a picture to recreate what we saw.

Our next stop was the National Assembly, but the line was too long so we thought we would return when the line died down (worst decision ever!). We headed to the Arc de Triomphe because it was free, and the view is spectacular.

Looking down the Champs-Elysees

Towards the you know what.

Facing La Defense.


Looking down.

284 steps to the top (or in this case bottom).

The Arc!

After the Arc we decided to head back to the National Assembly because we were sure that the line would be smaller. We were terribly wrong. We waited over an hour in this line.

At which point we passed security only to see this line.

After another hour and a half, we finally made it into the doors of the National Assembly (lower house of government).

It seemed more suited to royalty as opposed to politicians.

But this is one of the great republics!

After about 20 minutes we ran into another line!

Eventually we made it into the actual assembly which was actually quite stunning. 

Last stop was the library, and to my displeasure didn't even have one copy of Twilight.