THE List

I'm going back to my blogging roots and answering a question regarding work wear, that I recently received from a reader. She writes...

Do you have a professional must-have list? After essentially 4 years of either maternity leave/maternity wear clothes, when I go back to work in September I have to buy essentially a new wardrobe. Other than some odds and ends I've picked up here and there, all tags on and everything in the closet. Anyways - do you???

So the wheels in my head started turning and I immediately starting thinking of all of the wonderful things that I would love to buy for my work wardrobe! Then I had to stop and remind myself that the reader is asking for must haves not wants. There was also no "magic number". I just listed off the items that, in my opinion, every professional woman should have in her wardrobe. So here it is, my professional must have (not want) list.

I tried to keep it concise with as much versatility as possible.
  1. Black blazer - Always an essential
  2. Coloured blazer - Any wardrobe brightening colour works as long as is not white, beige or brown
  3. Patterned blazer - Stripes and polka dots are always a safe bet, or if you're feeling adventurous go for some floral print
  4. Animal print cardigan - Great for un-blah-ing an outfit
  5. Black blouse - THE staple blouse
  6. White/beige blouse - Also staple and great for toning down a loud bottom
  7. Coloured/printed blouse - Or even better yet, why not both?
  8. Black skirt - Pencil, a-line, midi, pleated, whatever
  9. Printed skirt - Again, any type
  10. Dress - A neutral colour for the most versatility but patterns work as well
  11. Black trousers - Wide leg is a nice alternative to the skinny pant
  12. Printed pants - These make things interesting
  13. Beige pants - Simple yet versatile
  14. Black pumps - Must have shoes
  15. Ballerina flats - Comfortable and chic
  16. Coloured booties - Add a bit of funk to your shoe collection

You could easily make 2 weeks worth of outfits with these essentials. Here is how I would style a typical work week.

Some reasonably priced stores to find replica's of the above items include Jacob, Club Monaco, Zara, The Bay, Simon's, J Crew and Winners.


  1. Love this one - I like that you don't have a magic 10 items, it is practical and modern - easy to start with these and then fill in more items!!!