Beat the Heat - Arc De Triomphe Edition

It's still pretty hot in Paris these days, which I love because I'm not ready to part ways with my summer wardrobe. 

Jumper - Jacob; Sandals - Istanbul; Necklace - The Bay; Bracelets - Holt Renfrew; Watch - Michael Kors; Sunnies - Kate Spade
One hot trend at the moment and the perfect summer item is the jumper. Not only is it perfect for those warm summer days but it is also easy. You don't have to worry about picking out a matching top or pants, because a jumper is a 2 in 1 combo. While I was writing this post I also became curious as to why it is called a jumper, and found this on Wikipedia. Jumper: Any shoulder to thigh length article of women's outer clothing that a woman "jumps into".

On a side note, I decided that I am going to retire my gladiator style sandals that I'm wearing here as they broke, yet again on an outing today. It brought back horrible memories of one Europe trip where I broke every single pair of sandals that I brought and had to resort to purchasing the most uncomfortable wooden clogs imaginable. They scarred my feet so badly that when this happened, I refused to buy a new pair and instead used my creative skills to tie them in a way that allowed me to wear them for the rest of the day! Not bad hey?


  1. Love the flower in the hair. There's no prettier accessory than that...young and fresh!

    1. Thanks! It's a simple little trick.