Vogue Fashion Night Out - Paris

If there was one night that could explain exactly how I pictured living in Paris to be, it would be Vogue's Fashion Night Out. During this spectacular evening, the shops along Rue Saint-Honore open their doors and let the patrons of Paris experience everything including late night shopping, music, shows, champagne and the occasional celebrity (so I hear).

DJB and myself arrived that evening not knowing what to expect. After perusing the streets for a little while it became quite clear how things worked...
-You can purchase an invitation for 5 Euros which allows you entry to a few dozen  shops, although the higher end stores require you to be on the VIP list, which I am sure cannot be purchased.
-Once inside you are served champagne and given free swag bags.
-You can purchase designer duds if you wish.

Due to the fact that I only figured out how things worked after the fact, I didn't purchase an invitation or step into any of the shops, although I don't think I needed to, to get the full experience. The parties were spilling out onto the street and I managed to snag the official t-shirt for the event, which oddly reminds me of my hometown hockey team jersey. Stay tuned for that outfit post!

I tried to capture the evening in pictures but unless you were here in person it's difficult to portray exactly how amazing the night really was!

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