Lindos is a village on the island of Rhodes. It's oozing with Greek authenticity and the transit system is made up of donkeys. How can you not enjoy a place where the directions to your hotel is "follow the donkey trail until you get to the church and take a left?" With a roof top patio overlooking the the village and a five minute walk to the beach, this place was basically heaven on earth!



Rhodes is the largest island of the Dodecanese and Rhodes city is the major city on the island. The city has an amazing old town which makes it one of the most popular places in Greece. There is also a new town which is minutes away from the beach. The mix of old, new and beach made Rhodes city one of the highlights of our year abroad. Also a half litre of wine was only 3 euros.



Gritty and sketchy. That's what we heard about Athens, but after travelling Europe for a year I can say that Athens is not the grittiest or sketchiest place on the continent. In fact, it's a great city to visit. Not to mention, it's extremely hot in the summer. After experiencing my first snow fall in over a year on Tuesday, I could use a blast of that +35 Athens heat. 

It's hard to miss the Acropolis. High above the city, it's begging you to come visit. Make sure to bring a lot of water!

After your visit to the Acropolis, you'll definitely need a beer.

We spent 3 nights in Athens, which was a perfect amount of time. Sure you'll see grit, spray paint, and sketchy people, but you can see those in Paris too. After Athens, it was time for some island hopping. A few more Europe posts, then it will be on to something different for CMB.


This and That

Tank - Subshirtberlin; Skirt - Eiki; Shoes - Zara; Bracelet - Stella & Dot; Earrings - Gifted

For this outfit I combined two pieces that I purchased in two very different countries. This tank is from Berlin and made by an independent designer who had a booth at the farmer's market close to where we were staying and the skirt is from a boutique in Rhodes City, Greece. They still somehow managed to go really well together.

These pics were snapped in Greece on the island of Kos, at our favourite beach!



Now that I'm back in Canada I can catch up on posts from Greece. At the same time I can mourn the fact that my year abroad is over. Our first stop was Thessaloniki...Thessalo..what? Thessaloniki is probably not the first place you think of in Greece, but it should be one of them. It's Greece's second city and far off the tourist map. Numerous people told us we were the first Canadians they've seen in 2014. Because of this, people don't treat you like tourists (I.E overcharging you, getting annoyed with your giant map), they treat you like a visitor, and are eager to share their city with you. If you want to eat authentic Greek food at reasonable prices, come to Thessaloniki! 

We stumbled upon this Canadian square while trying to dodge the heat. We found it odd that this thing existed in a city that Canadians rarely visit.

The city has some of the best Roman ruins outside of Rome, and they are not busy!

Alexander the Great!

Beer is a good idea when it feels like +42.

Greece has a stray cat and dog problem, some are cute, others are not.

One part of the city is next to the sea, the other part is up a mountain. The lower part was destroyed by a fire, but the upper city still has many of the original thousand year old houses.

Thessaloniki set the bar high, next stop, Athens.