THEIT Bossi Bag Discount!

Just a quick note - You can use the code LOVECMB15 for the next 30 days to receive $15 off any purchase, courtesy of Nicole at THEIT!


THEIT - The Bossi Bag

Ever since I was gifted my very own DSLR camera, I went on a search for the perfect camera bag. I knew I didn't want a frumpy, duffle-like tote complete with a million zippers and pockets. I also knew that I could find something a little nicer looking than the typical camera bag but I had no idea I would ever come across this.

All Photos by Yvonne Ho
This is probably the best camera bag a fashion blogger could ask for and quite honestly, I wish I had come up with the concept myself! Not only are there compartments designed to fit your camera and all of its accessories, it fits all of your everyday girl necessities snug as well. It is a camera bag in disguise and I am in love with it! 

The Bossi Bag can only be purchased through the website. Visit it at www.lovetheit.com to see more styles and find out about how Nicole Fajardo, founder and director of THEIT, came up with the concept!

 Some highlights about this amazing camera bag:
  • It's aesthetically gorgeous. I have had several people comment on how nice it was without knowing it doubled as a camera bag.
  • It's super light. It may not look it but it really is, which is nice as you don't want any extra weight to carry around, in addition to your camera
  • The strap is comfortable. It definitely does not cause your shoulder to ache after a few hours of carrying it around.
The THEIT Bossi Bag, as with all new products, does have a few downfalls. There aren't that many and they aren't a huge deal, but they are worth mentioning as this bag may be considered pricey for some.
  • The bag is on the larger side which may not be the most ideal for carrying around on longer excursions.
  • The zipper when opened, could be quite sharp. I noticed if I wasn't careful placing items in and taken them out of the bag, I would wind up with small scratches on my hands.


Green Grad Garb

Have you ever been in a situation where you weren't quite sure what was appropriate to wear to a semi-formal occasion? If you're a girl, there's probably a good chance that you have. I recently attended my better half's MBA graduation and deciding what to wear was a little tricky. I wanted to buy a sexy dress but obviously still wanted to look appropriate for the occasion. In the end, I went with a LGD (little green dress) topped with a structured black blazer.

(Photos by Yvonne Ho)
Dress and belt - BCBG; Pumps and clutch - NineWest; Blazer - Jacob; Ring and earrings - gifts; Necklace - Aldo Accessories
I knew I didn't want to wear all black so when I spotted this dress on sale at BCBG, I was immediately drawn to it. Another selling factor was the pockets! This dress was maybe a bit too risque for a business event on its own (you could wear it strapless or with thin spaghetti straps), hence the structured black blazer. I also opted for pumps instead of strappy sandals. I have always had a strong opinion that any kind of strappy sandal is not appropriate in a business setting and the same goes for a business graduation. Lastly, I added a bit of a glamour feel with a gold belt and small bit of girliness with the hot pink nails! So, in conclusion, if you're not too sure about the appropriateness of a certain outfit, its super easy to conservatise (i'm aware this is not a real word) it with a blazer and close toed pumps. If the event turns out to be more casual than expected, simply take off the blazer.


I Want To Ride My Bicycle

There's no better way to save the environment and get some exercise, than riding a bike! Biking to work can be somewhat tricky however, especially when you work in a professional setting.
(Photo's by Yvonne Ho)
Pants - Smart Set; Blouse - Jacob; Belt - BCBG; Flats - Aldo; Heels - Michael Antonio (Winners); Sunnies - RayBan;  Cuff - Banana Republic; Necklace - The Bay; Watch - Michael Kors; Bike - Norco Santiago; Helmet - Pedal
These are my general 'biking to the office' rules. Keep in mind that I am talking leisurely, short distance, cute woven basket kind of biking. 

1. Wear a helmet. I know, I hate helmet hair too but safety should come first. You can get a pseudo cool looking one too!
2. Wear flats but bring your heels to change into, of course. Those stylish Parisians may be able to do it effortlessly but unless you have had years of practice, I suggest you stick with flats.
3. Don't wear a dress or skirt. I have seen this done with no mishaps but its better to be safe than sorry.
4. Wear comfortable pants that you can move in and that don't crease too easily.


What I Wore NYC Edition - Night Out

For a night out at a fancy shmancy Manhattan restaurant and pub drinks to follow, I wore these fun (and extremely comfortable) pants paired with a more conservative white blazer.
Pants - Jacob; Blazer - BCBG; Tee - Urban; Clutch - Smart Set; Pumps - Le Chateau; Necklace - The Bay
I am in love with my barbie pink pumps and like to pair them with black and white to add a nice pop of colour to an otherwise colourless outfit. Again, its also good to add a few more touches of pink in the form of a clutch and some type of jewelry. I have also worn these pants to the office. They are very versatile so hopefully the printed pant fad does not end anytime soon as I plan on dressing them up (for a night out), dressing them down (for a casual lunch) and conservatizing them (for the office) many many times yet!


What I Wore NYC Edition - Fashion Walk of Fame

I'm back and in the full swing of things after a short blogging break and a much needed vacation to the happiest place on earth...New York City!! Due to a jam packed ten days and a few computer crisis' I was only able to snap a few outfit photos.

One of the first things that we saw was the Fashion Walk of Fame. Located just off Times Square, this walk showcased all of the amazing New York designers that have made their mark in the world of fashion. I wore this cute and comfortable maxi dress for our first day of touring the city and opted for flats for the long day  of walking and exploring Manhattan. 

Maxi dress - Loveappella (Beyond The Rack); Denim Jacket - ONLY (Urban); Belt - Fossil (The Bay); Fedora and Cuff - Banana Republic; Sandals - Aldo; Watch - Michael Kors, Bracelet - Rox On by Karina Miller; 

Also, some of the New York designers featured on the Fashion Walk of Fame (A couple were under renos)...