Jardin du Luxembourg

Last week, when it was hot out (unlike right now), DJB and I headed down to the Luxembourg gardens to spend a day relaxing and reading. An entire day isn't enough time to do this place justice, and we will return when it warms up. Hopefully before spring :)

We managed to find the only part of gardens where sitting on the grass was allowed. Where's Waldo?

They have strict rules against Pelousing.

We had a great view of the Palais du Luxembourg, which is the home of the French Senate.

School was still out at this time, so there were children playing everywhere. Shortly after this picture was taken DJB took this chariot for a spin.

The place is full of orchards, which is a strange thing to see in the middle of a giant city.

It is also home to the elusive Kleenix fruit tree.

The house of insects, we didn't spend much time around here...

It took me a few minutes to figure out what these were.

Then I saw the fence posts.

"Bee's, they're everywhere, your firearms are useless against them" - Chris Farley

Anytime you see a gravel or dirt pitch in Paris you'll probably see men playing Petanque.

The goal of the game is to stand around metal balls avoiding work.

Although this looks very calm, the scene at the chess table next to these guys was quite different. People were literally yelling and screaming at each other.

If the chess game gets out of hand, this guy knows how to make a quick getaway.

Even though it is September, the flowers are still in immaculate shape (a little different than Canada).

Kids rent 1920 toy sailboats and use big sticks to control them, it's a shame they don't have an app yet to sail the boats.

Unlike the Canadian navy, this boat actually floats.

DJB's only friend in Paris. Needless to say, ducklings and kids holding large sticks with hooks on the end of them aren't the best combination. This little guys was terrified.

This is only fraction of what there is to see. So if you are every in Paris, the Jardin du Luxembourg is a must!

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