Seville is the capital of Andalusia, but it really should be the capital of beautiful people. I have no idea why the people in this city look so good; it must be because their city is also beautiful. There was also no shortage of PDA by these beautiful people. It was +20 while we were there, we ate every meal outside, and the oranges were fully ripe. We felt like we were in some sort of winter heaven!

Of course when you see so many oranges, your first instinct is to jump up and grab one off the tree. At least if you're DJB. He found out the hard way that these oranges are inedible. They are extremely bitter and only used to make marmalade  for the British.

Our first morning was spent exploring the old town and we discovered one of the most lovely riversides I have ever seen.

We also took a bike tour, the highlight of this tour was visiting Plaza de Espana.

The two most popular sites, similar to Cordoba, are the Cathedral and Alcazar. The Cathedral is the largest Gothic cathedral and the third largest church in the world.
There is a really good view from the top.

The church is supposedly the resting place of Christopher Columbus, but there is some debate about that.

The Alcazar (Palace) is the oldest palace still in use in Europe. Like Cordoba, the architecture is heavily influenced by the Muslims that lived here. 

They also have peacocks wandering around. This girl was terrified. 

My favorite place to visit was the Metropol Parasol. I'm not sure how to describe this, it's a large collection of three story mushrooms or waffles. It provides one of the best views of Seville and your entrance fee of 3 euros includes a drink!

But, the best part of Seville was the food! You can find a lot of recommendations on TripAdvisor or in guide books, but the best trick is to look to see where the locals are eating. We were off the beaten track and we stumbled upon this scene outside of a restaraunt. So we decided to check it out and it was by far the best meal we had in Spain. We also laughed when we got the bill.

But by no means were the other places we ate at bad.

And the treats were also spectacular. Especially the churros!

It was always nice to walk back to our hotel and pass this place. You could smell it from a block away so we knew we were close when DJB was lost. 

Wow, that was a long post. But Seville was truly amazing. To finish off here is a picture of a cat that was staring at a statue :)

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  1. Seville looks super beautiful. And it's so picturesque with the orange trees, however inedible!