Here comes Spain week!

We spent two nights in the city of Córdoba. The city is in the heart of Andalusia, which is the region of Spain that was ruled by Muslims (The Moors) for hundreds of years. In fact, Córdoba was at one point the epicenter of the Muslim world. 

The city has a beautiful historic center. Orange trees and water are prominent features in this part of Spain, mainly due to the influence left by the Moors. 

It was nice to wander the Old Town and explore the city. For some reason blue flower pots were a big thing. I was amazed by the attention to detail that everyone put into their houses or storefronts.

The main site in the city is the Great Mosque of Córdoba, which used to be a mosque but is now a church.

Another major site is the Alcazar (Palace), which was probably my favorite because there was literally no one else there. The gardens in this place were amazing!

We also witnessed a bizarre scene of a cat playing with a pigeon. Except I don't think the pigeon was really enjoying it...

The food in Spain is something that everyone should experience. The Tapas are amazing, but be careful around the major sites, as the food is usually more pricey and less tasty. Each region will have its own specialty, in Cordoba it was Oxtail and Aubergine with a sauce that is somewhat like teriyaki. 

People usually do a day trip from Seville to visit Córdoba, but I think to truly experience the city you need to stay here for at least one night. Which reminds me, our hotel was great. We were greeted to this when we checked in:

The bottle was Cava, which is a type of Spanish sparkling wine. It's delicious, and at a fraction of the price of Champagne, you can't go wrong!

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