Guest Post - Rethink 2014

Written By: Yvonne Ho

There’s no better time than now to rejuvenate your signature look. Seek inspiration, know what you like and be confident.

Inspiration is everywhere. Blogs, pinterest, artists, art, models, celebs, magazines, street fashion, nature, music, mothers, brothers, technology, history… 

Look around to spark your imagination, it’s the most important step. I admire others fashion choices daily but I’m luckier than most, I have two particular women right in my scope who always motivate me to get out of my style rut. The ever feminine and elegant Joanna from colourmoibeautiful.blogspot.ca and the creative and whimsical Kat from the Walter Phillips Gallery. My bestie and housemate respectively.

The fur vest, always chic and surprisingly practical.

The two have contrasting styles and are even geographically opposite. Big city Paris, the fashion capital of the world vs small town Banff aka The Land of the Puffy Jacket. Originally, it was the fur vest and love of fashion that linked Joanna and Kat in my mind but on closer inspection it’s their confidence and sense of playfulness that I appreciate most. Joanna, with her bright lips amidst a sea of barefaced Parisians and Kat with her Czaritsa inspired ensembles where Gore-Tex is the norm. These two wear whatever the hell they want and it’s truly delightful. 

Though I’ll always be a minimalist at heart, I will still be influenced by my friends. Not always with their particular sartorial choices but 100% with their attitude. For me they both serve as a reminder for 2014 that it doesn’t matter where you live or what you do, don’t take yourself too seriously with the art of dressing. Try new things, be playful and unapologetic. Be bold. Express yourself.

Photos By: Chris Anderson ShotBy.CA
Model: Kat

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