Random Paris

Happy New Year BTW! I was looking through some of my memory cards and found a bunch of random pictures. I thought I would post some of them. Going through these made me realize that we've almost been here for 5 months!

When I move back to Canada, someone will likely ask me what I miss most about Paris. It will definitely be my morning jog. These are only a few scenes from my jogging route. Which reminds me, if you ever see a man jogging in Paris with shorts over top of women's leggings (because he's too cheap to buy winter jogging wear) it's DJB. 

Christmas came and went and we hit up enough random markets to get our fill. They had everything from food to vintage clothing to creepy hanging Santas.

Christmas away from home was different, but thankfully we filled the void with Christmas desserts. Oh...it also helped that our family and friends didn't forget about us :)

We finally had the chance to spend an entire day in Montmartre. My pictures really can't do this area of Paris justice. I will eventually do a full post on Montmartre.

I forgot to do a NYE post and I just really like the other picture...

DJB got me a new lens for Christmas, so hopefully the 50mm f/1.4 will take some great pics. But really, how can a picture like this get any better? Note the little air balloon.

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