A Little Bit Country

Flannel shirt - Zara; Skirt - Soda Blu (very old); Boots - H&M; Tights and Necklace - The Bay; Clutch - Nine West; Belt - J Crew; Bracelets - Holt Renfrew; Watch - Michael Kors
Who says you shouldn't mix casual pieces with dressy ones? Not this girl! That's why I chose to wear this cobalt plaid shirt with this pleated midi skirt. Sometimes two opposites end up going very well together! I bought this skirt several years ago, wore it a few times and then decided to let it sit in the back of my closet for a few years until lo and behold, this midi pleated style came back! It happens quite often that a fashion trend will come full circle. Some perfect examples include peplum and skinny jeans. Am I right?


  1. Maybe banff is getting to me but flannel is the sexiest fabric ever! Love the ensemble.

  2. Flannel is big in Paris, so bring all of your mountain men when you come visit :)

  3. a plethora of mountain men...ya right lol
    I do think women look better in flannel than men though