Hello from Madrid! We have been very busy eating our way from southern Spain to Madrid. I’ll have a lot on Spain next week. Until then, perfume will have to do.

The parfumerie Fragonard runs a free perfume museum. If there is anything free in Paris, chances are DJB will find it. The guided tour and beautiful location (a private mansion) make it well worth the visit. They explain how Perfume is made and, most importantly, the difference between Perfume, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Perfume. Perfume has a concentration of 15-40%, Eau de Perfume is typically 15%, and Eau de Toilette is generally 10%. Now you know! The only let down is you can’t take pictures of the museum. You can however take pictures in the store. So voila:

After the tour you get to smell different varieties of Perfume. The guide told us they used to have coffee beans to smell after each sample to clear your nose but people kept eating them, so they had to discontinue that!

Because of the high concentration of oils, real Perfume will come in a tin bottle so it does not evaporate.

The store was full of products. If you are in Paris, I would recommend stopping by as they are very high quality and reasonably priced.


  1. Perfume museum, that's neat!
    I thought I'd be lower maintenance after moving to the mountains, maybe simplifying my beauty routine a bit. Ha! Nope, I still wear perfume daily even if I'm the only one that smells it. Can't give it up.
    ps I think these should be switched non? "Eau de Toilette is typically 15%, and Eau de Perfume is generally 10%"

  2. You are correct. My intern is definitely going to hear about this! His notes must have been incorrect.

  3. One very interesting place for all perfume addicts, Fragonard Perfume Museum is
    worth the stopover. The visit is free, plus you get to know the history of
    Fragonard perfumes and even get to buy the best of their collection. I loved
    all the pictures you’ve put up in the post. They go quite well with what you’ve