Parc de la Villette

September seems so long ago, and so does the +30 weather. A few days ago, I stumbled upon these pictures we took at Parc de la Villette in September. It was incredibly hot that day which is nice to think about instead of the snow that is falling in my home town :)

The park is located at the edge of the 19th district. It is modern, massive, home to the City of Science and Industry and, among other things, the Zenith. We will be heading to the Zenith in a few weeks to see the Lumineers!

The park is cut in half by the Canal de L'Ourcq.

There are a few hotels near here and the Canal Saint-Martin, which would be a great place to stay if you are a seasoned Paris visitor or if you don't mind commuting during your visit.

Of course there are the usual french carousals that DJB keeps getting denied access to.

Creepy empty swing moving in the wind.

What's a park without a giant metal sphere.

And a submarine!

Another popular venue located in the park.

Urban fishing.

If you have a day to spare in Paris, Parc de la Villette is worth the trip. If you can handle it, you can follow the water all the way to the Seine.

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