Happy Halloween: Catacombs

Happy Halloween!

Although there are some Halloween festivities in Paris, it's just not the same without those Halloween candies! If you're in Paris and in need of a scare, head down to the Catacombs and you'll have the chance to see 6 million (yes...6 million) skeletons. When the city ran out of room in the cemeteries, they had to make room...

You don't really know what to expect when you enter and descend a few hundred feet under ground.

You see carvings in the stone.

Elaborate archways.

Warning signs...

Finally, you see the remains of many, many people.

Google it.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Joanna, hi!
    Cool Catacombs photos. Guillaume & I went there last year. Creepy place, yeah?
    Anyway it was so great meeting you yesterday! Your blog is so cute, I love the photos! I have a cool place in mind for us to check out and take photos at together, so we'll plan for that soon :)
    Til then, take care. Biz.