Fashion Show Style

So you all know that I haven't actually been getting into any of the high end fashion shows here in Paris as its next to impossible unless you're invited, but of course I've been thinking about what I would wear, if I was privileged enough to attend. Obviously I could go out and buy a very expensive dress or outfit for the show but there's really no challenge in that. What I decided to do was use the clothes that I have in my wardrobe and put together a fashion show worthy outfit. 

Pants - BCBG; Sweater and Cuff - Club Monaco; Shoes - Zara; Purse - Matt and Nat; Watch - Michael Kors
What I've noticed about Parisian women and their style is that it is very simple and classic, and mostly black. I thought I would use the 'simple' part as my inspiration and decided on some nicely tailored pants and a cropped black sweater. For some interest I added a studded denim purse and red lips of course!


  1. Isn't there some sort of French 5 piece update annually or something (I remember my mom saying years ago that French women update their wardrobes with 5 pieces each year, or maybe each season)?

    1. You could be right. I heard something along those lines as well!