Workplace Fashion Rule #8 - Invest In A Great Pair Of Black Pants

A staple piece in everyone's work wardrobe should be a pair of perfect fitting black pants.  Black pants are probably the most common item of clothing worn to the office so its important to find the ideal pair that suits your body type.  Some common black pant faux pas that I have noticed in my day include:

  • Pants that are waaaaaaaaaaay too tight.
  • Faded pants due to excessive machine washing.
  • Pants that are too long which results in frayed/dirty hems.
  • Clown-like pants that are too big.
Black pants intended for the office should be a bit more loose fitting than ones you would wear out on the weekend. If you can easily pull them up over your thighs and hips without having to shimmy into them then they should be perfect. Pick a fabric that will not fade easily in the wash or opt to dry clean them.  If you're taking them to the dry cleaners, request that they iron a crease down both pant legs. As far as length goes, it really depends on whether you like to wear flats or heels.  I tend to leave my pants longer because I prefer wearing heels to work, but I make sure that the hem is never touching the ground. 

The great thing about black pants is that you can combine them with any colour, pattern and fabric on top. Anything goes, really!

(Photos Taken by Yvonne Ho)

Pants - Gap; Sweater - Marc by Marc Jacobs (Holt Renfrew); Belt - Loft 82; Booties - Aldo; Bag - Segolene Paris (Beyond The Rack); Lips - Amplified by MAC


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