Workplace Fashion Rule #6 - Wear Shorter(ish) Skirts With Tights

I say shorter(ish) because I don't think short (i'm talking barely covering your bum) skirts are appropriate for work at all. If you're going to wear a shorter skirt to work, its best to wear tights.  Yup, i'm talking about tights AGAIN.  I also mentioned them a few posts back, if you're new to the blog. I am a firm believer that they add that additional bit of professionalism that is needed with a shorter skirt outfit. I may also like them because they cover my freakishly purple knees in the winter.

That's not to say that you should never have bare legs at work, especially in the summer. Bare legs are perfectly acceptable with shorter skirts. Just make sure you are covered up on top with a blouse, blazer or both. Some cute pumps with ankle straps will complete the look nicely. *Note to self - write a post about this in the summer*.

I switched it up here and instead of the classic black tights, I wore a purple hue. The colour is pretty subtle, which is more suited for the office. I also added some socks, just for fun (and warmth)!

(Photos taken by Yvonne Ho)

Blouse - Jacob; Skirt, Belt and Cuff - Club Monaco; Purse - Louis Vuitton; Tights - Unknown Brand (Winners);
Booties - Aldo; Socks - Unknown Brand (The Bay)

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