Workplace Fashion Rule #3 - Colored Jeans Are Okay...On Casual Friday

Many of us work at offices where jeans are allowed on Fridays. Thank God! Its nice to switch things up once a week and dress a little more casually .  Recently colored jeans have made their way back onto the fashion scene and in every color imaginable.  The great debate, which I have had with myself lately is whether or not colored jeans are appropriate at the office.

My verdict is yes, colored jeans are appropriate...as long as you keep it professional on top. The easiest way to do this is to wear a blouse, blazer or both in a neutral color.  Another thing to keep in mind is that if you have a meeting on Friday with your boss or other higher executives you should probably opt for something less flashy.

Some other rules for casual Friday include:

  • No ripped or frayed jeans (I know, I know...they are trendy but save those for the weekend).
  • If you would wear it to the club, its a no.
  • Ironing is still required on Fridays.
  • Flip flops are for the beach.
  • No running shoes EVER!
I've only recently jumped on the colored jeans bandwagon so have only had a chance to wear these cobalt blue jeans to work so far. I think i'll try red jeans next?

Blazer - H&M; Blouse - Banana Republic; Jeans - Flying Monkey (Pusch); Shoes -Franco Sarto (The Bay)

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