Workplace Fashion Rule #7 - Button It Up

I'm sure I don't have to remind any of you that showing cleavage is a huge no no at work.  Its unprofessional and distracting for both male and female colleagues.

 What I do want to point out is how great a collared blouse can look buttoned up all the way.  Many of us work at offices where business casual is acceptable; ties aren't required and shirts don't have to be buttoned up to the collar. But just because its not mandatory doesn't mean you should never do it! Pair a button down blouse with a cute pencil skirt and patterned tights and viola! you've created a great look that is professional, fashionable and also kind of sexy. You really don't have to show much skin to look and feel great at work. 

Bonus tip - Incorporate burgundy/ox blood/bordeaux/wine/maroon into your wardrobe. Whatever it may be called, its very big for fall!

(Photos taken by Yvonne Ho)

Blouse - Dex Clothing (The Bay); Skirt - Bay; Tights - Unknown Brand (Purchased in Budapest); Shoes - Nine West; Bag - London Fog (Winners); Lips - Rebel by MAC

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  1. gorgeous, you make me want to go fall clothes shopping!