Workplace Fashion Rule #2 - Skirts & Knee High Boots Require Tights!

I see this happening all over downtown - woman wearing pencil skirts and knee high boots with bare legs. Trust me, adding that one small detail can make a huge difference in how professional you look.  I was trying to think of where knee high boots and bare legs would be appropriate and the only place that popped into my head was in a Vegas nightclub...on a go-go dancer.

I'm not implying that you should NEVER have bare legs when wearing skirts to work. Bare legs are perfectly acceptable with a nice pair of pumps or peep toes in the summer. There's just something about bare legs and knee high boots in the winter that screams street walker.

And you don't always have to opt for black tights. There are so many different colours these days that are more than acceptable for work. Stick to more neutral colours like grey, beige and burgundy for the office.

Have a look below.  What do you think?

Blouse - Jacob; Skirt - Max Studio (Winners); Boots - Locale; Tights - Unknown Brand (The Bay)

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