Workplace Fashion Rule #5 - Colour Is Allowed!

Of course it is, you say! You'd be surprised however, how many people shy away from wearing it to the office. If you work downtown you start to notice that the most common colour combinations for work clothes are black, grey, beige and navy (boring!).  I have to admit that I also only recently started to incorporate all of these wonderful colours into my wardrobe thanks to the florescent fad that hit hard last spring and summer.

So what are my rules for wearing colour? I just have a few.

  • Wear a bright colour either just on top or just on the bottom...never both. There are some bright colours that go really well together but for the office you want to tone it down a little by sticking to just one.
  • The non coloured piece should be neutral - grey, black or beige.
  • Match your lipstick to your coloured item. Pink, coral and red are my favourites!
  • Lastly, be confident! Wear that colour like you own it! 
Bonus tip: These skirts and dresses with the black panels on the side are very slimming (see below).

(Photos taken by Yvonne Ho)

Blouse - Calvin Klein (The Bay); Skirt - French Connection; Boots - H&M; Tights - Unknown Brand (Winners)

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