The Perfectly Professional Coat

It's important to look professional not only at work but also on your way to and from work. If you think about it, the first thing that your co-workers and boss see when you walk into the office each morning is your outerwear. Therefore, you should ensure that your outerwear, specifically your coat, adheres to your office dress code.

There are several things to think about before splurging on this item.

  • Cost - I believe that this is one of those items that you should not skimp out on. Be prepared to spend quite a bit more for a nice coat but keep in mind that it will last you at least 2 seasons.
  • Quality - Make sure that the coat can endure your climate. In other words, choose a coat that is warm/will keep you dry/will block out the wind/has a hood/etc.
  • Style - Look for a more classic style in a muted/neutral color. If you buy a coat that is too trendy, it may not be appropriate for work and you risk it going out of style as soon as the next season. Choose a colour such as beige, black, gray or navy. These colours go well with just about anything!
I recently splurged on this amazing coat by Mackage. I fell in love with it the instant I put it on! Not only is it perfectly fitted and beautiful, it is also warm! That was the deciding factor for me as the winters get pretty harsh up here in the north...and I am subjected to take the bus every morning. 

(Photots taken by DJB)

Coat - Mackage (Holt Renfrew); Leggings -Jacob; Boots - H&M; Tee - Smart Set; Lips - Girl About Town by MAC


  1. I have this (almost) exact same jacket, and I bought it 5 years ago. Thanks to a great dry cleaner who is awesome with leather, it is still in amazing shape. I still love it and wear it all the time.
    Mackage is an amazing line for quality and I love that it's a Canadian company. The brand has really taken off in the last couple of years, but in the past I have never paid full price for a Mackage. I have a leather jacket of theirs too (another amazing investment piece). If you go on their website or sites like www.ssense.com at the end of the season you can almost always find them half price. If you know your size, are comfortable with online shopping and can wait a few months to wear it, it is an awesome way to get style at a more affordable price. I'm hoping to score a new one at the end of this winter!

    1. That's some really great advice Kathy! Unfortunately I paid full price for mine :(. Sometimes when I want something so bad, I can't fathom having to wait for it!

      I have also seen a few other styles of Mackage coats at Winners for half the price!