Mont Saint-Michel

The last day of our Normandy trip was spent exploring the area around Mont Saint-Michel. Mont Saint-Michel is one of France's most iconic sights and for a good reason, it's beautiful to look at! The place is thousands of years old and has a population of 44. Walking towards the Mont is the best part. It seems deceivingly close but it takes a good 45 minutes to reach it. 

Once you finally enter the gates, you are swarmed by people. This is the one downside to being one of France's top tourist destinations. I can't imagine what it is like during the peak season.

We stayed at a farm that was close by. This was the highlight of the my trip to Normandy. It was so peaceful and quiet, but most importantly they sold bottles of cider for 2.50!

This was the view from our bedroom....not too shabby!
Pondering is the best thing to do when sitting at a farm in Normandy on a nice sunny day while drinking cider...that is if you're DJB! For those of you demanding more pics of him on my blog here you go.
Of course no farm is complete without chickens. They really enjoyed pecking at my pants, i'm not sure if that means they liked them or hated them. Either way I ate their eggs :)

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