Canadian Tuxedo

Top - Jessica Simpson; Jeans - SUKO Jeans; Shoes - Andre; Earrings and Bracelet - Rox On

I recently realized that I have never worn a Canadian tuxedo, ever! Shame on me as I come from the true north strong and free. As I was writing this post, I got curious as to what the official definition of this outfit was but disappointedly there is no Wikipedia page on it, so I had to settle for the always reliable urban dictionary instead. According to urbandictionary.com, a Canadian tuxedo is 

"An outfit consisting of a denim jacket and demin jeans. To spice up the outfit a button down demin shirt may be worn. Look at that goofy canuck in his canadian tuxedo." (Their typo, not mine. See what I mean? Reliable :P.)

We may be goofy but we are definitely ahead of the trends with this outfit. I have seen so many different variations of the Canadian tuxedo in magazines, on the runways and even on the ever so stylish Parisians. I decided to "spice" up my variation of this outfit by pairing a sleeveless chambray top with dotted denim. 

These pics were snapped in the English countryside. Stayed tuned this week for more details on our recent travels!

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