There is an area a short walk from our apartment that is called Beaugrenelle. There is a brand new shopping center there (I seem to find myself there a lot). The area around the mall is quite bizarre. I tired finding out the history of this area but I had no luck, which is strange in a city with so much history. I'm assuming the area used to be some industrial area that was urbanized in the 70's or 80's with some remnants from it's past still remaining. The architecture is a mix of concrete, parks, and weird structures.
 There are a couple of older brick buildings that look like they were once prisons and are now schools.

There are also random concrete passage ways...

I felt like this area is a perfect breading ground for hipsters, maybe in 5 years they will overrun this place, or have they already started, I spotted a hipster bagel shop!

More signs of hipsters.

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