All I Need In This Life Of Sin...

Jeans - Pimkie; Blouse - Dynamite; Shoes - Andre; Belt - Club Monaco; Earrings - The Bay; Watch - Bulova

Is me and my boyfriend jeans! And I did a lot of sinning in these while we were in Bordeaux. Well, not so much sinning but drinking copious amounts of wine. I pretty much lived in these all week as they were so comfortable and could be worn casually, with sneakers and blouse, or dressed up for the evening with sexy heels (check back later this week for that post). 

A little while back, before I purchased these, I was all for making myself some genuine boyfriend jeans using a pair of DJBs old ones. When that didn't end up working so well as most of his jeans had a bit of a flare to them and weren't as baggy as I wanted, I was on to the next best option -  buying a pair of ragged, ripped, slightly stone washed (remember those??) jeans that my mother would be appalled that I spent money on. After trying on a few options at H&M and Zara (which were overpriced, ranging from 39-49 euros), without much luck I finally found this perfect pair at Pimkie for a lot less than that!  

I also started to think about what a guys opinion of  these jeans are on a girl. DJB insisted he liked them (of course he does, he's supposed to say that) but what about my other male readers? Yay or nay? 

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