Juno Beach

As I mentioned earlier this week, we made a trip to Juno Beach. This was the Canadian portion of the D-day landings (which occurred 70 years ago). We took a guided tour of the beach and also visited the museum, which was well worth the admission price. We were blessed with perfect weather, this allowed us to stroll the beach which really enhances the moving experience. 

I imagined D-Day landing areas to be small portions of beaches, but in reality they are massive. Juno Beach is over 8kms long. The one end starts at the very tip of the point way in the background.
And goes all the way to the end of the point way in the background.
During the tour, you go inside a bunker where you can still see the bullet holes inside.
This won't be our last stop to a Canadian war memorial; we have plans to head to Vimy Ridge in July.

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