The Long And The Short Of It

Shorts - Zara; Blouse - Mendocino; Boots - Expression; Necklace - J Crew; Bracelets - Gifted and Stella & Dot; Ring - Market in Paris; Earrings - Gifted

I really like the look of shorts and a long sleeved blouse but feel like the weather has to be perfect in order to pull this off. If its too hot, you end up sweating and being uncomfortable up top and if its too cold, you are cursed with purple knees and perma goosebumps (well I am anyway). But once in a blue moon (like this particular day) the weather is just right. Overcast yet humid and mild. These were taken in the French resort town of Biarritz. Stay tuned for more Basque adventures later this week!

Also, for those of you back home, happy Canada Day!

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