Sorry for the lack of posts! I only have 14 more days left in Paris and have been scrambling to get things done before the end of the month. On a happier note, I avoided the terrible weather that most of Europe had last week by going to the south of France with some lovely friends. We spent most of our time in Montpellier, which isn't the number one tourist destination in France, but it's still worth a visit.

The coastline isn't as spectacular as Nice or Brittany, but it makes up for it in giant sandy beaches!
This is also a great spot for cheap seafood and fruit. We ate all the fruit before we could take a picture.

The city is nice. It has large boulevards (and apparently the largest pedestrian square in Europe although we all found that highly suspicious).
There are still parts of the city that have the old narrow streets.
And of course it wouldn't be a French city without an Arc.
The guy in the green shorts was acting highly suspicious and wouldn't leave the girl in the black shorts alone :)
 There is a good vantage point on the highest point of the city.

We also made a day trip to Nimes. Perhaps if you were to purchase something from Nimes you would say that this certain something is from Nimes (or in French 'de Nimes'). What am I talking about? You may have to check back later to find out!

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