French Basque

It wasn't long ago that we were in Bordeaux and just south of Bordeaux is French Basque Country, so we ended up taking pretty much the same train. Basque people speak a very unique language and have a very unique culture. Most importantly, they make delicious food. Our first stop in Basque Country was Bayonne. It was +26 so we took the free bikes provided by the tourist office and rode down to the beach.

There is a huge Spanish influence in this part of the country so beer and sangria  are as popular as wine.

Bayonne itself is a cute little city. It's much more colourful than Bordeaux to the north.

This is a traditional Basque stew. We ate at a wonderful restaurant where an old Basque lady both served and cooked the food. Thank god she misunderstood DJB and only brought one of these, the portions were massive.

You can't go to the Basque Country without eating Basque Cake!

....or having a Basque digestive.

This region is also very famous for its ham. Basque ham is like prosciutto.

Little Basque Cakes with little Basque flags.

Our last night was spent in the luxurious Biarritz. This is where we went surfing for the first time! Bucket list - check! The town itself is nothing special, but the beach and people on the beach are beautiful!

Not only is there French Basque country, but there is also THE Basque country, which is in Spain. More on that later in the week!

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