"Winter" Coat

Coat - Zara; Leggings - Jessica Simpson; Pumps - Nine West; Scarf - Designer Depot; Gloves - Shop in Venice

I use the term winter coat loosely as a Parisian winter is not what I would consider a true winter, like the ones back home in Canada. In any case, it was time to retire my trench coat + layers winter look and invest in something a bit warmer. As I've mentioned before, I left my winter coats back home as I didn't anticipate having to wear them. It was a good decision as not taking these bulky items left more room for other clothing items...and an excuse to purchase a coat here! I decided that I would feel it out for a while and observe what the Parisians were wearing in the cold before I decided on a coat for myself. I found that they sport a variety of different winter coats and jackets, anything from down filled (Canada Goose it very popular here) to wool peacoats to gorgeous fur! Since it hasn't rained much this fall, I decided against anything puffy and waterproof. Fur was also out of the question as it was not within my budget (and buying vintage fur creeps me out). Wool it was then! I found this classic coat at Zara. I love the leather details and the colour is exactly what I was looking for.

These pictures were taken at Jardin de Luxembourg. It looks a lot different in the winter but beautiful nonetheless.


  1. A great pick in the end! I find it the most stylish of them all.
    Also a fan of a dark lip!

  2. Thanks! Your coat shopping skills were greatly appreciated!