Christmas Time in the City

Not to sound cliché but can you believe Christmas is almost here?

This will be my first every Christmas away from Edmonton so I was feeling a little bit nostalgic when I saw this Apple commercial and realized the scenery seemed familiar.

So I googled it to make sure, and yes, it was filmed in Edmonton.

Paris is in full Christmas mode, especially at the big department stores. We headed to Printemps and Lafayette to check out the Christmas displays and other decorations.

Kids were really enjoying the moving window displays.

I found some of them a bit creepy, but enjoyable! Especially the one with mice. It really captured what our Christmas will be like this year.

There were plenty of other displays that were more my style.

We went inside to look at the amazing Christmas tree. I'm not sure why I found this so funny.

Back to the tree...this thing is amazing. The picture almost does it justice.
Don't forget to look up!

If I don't see you before then. Merry Christmas!

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