The Dogs of Paris

Parisians love their dogs and they love taking them everywhere (including the metro). Although their personalities always seem so hilarious, there is a downside...the tremendous amount of dog poop that litters the sidewalks. The city has been trying to fight this for years but it doesn't seem to be working. I'll give great kudos to Edmontonians for being excellence poop scoopers.

But how can you stay mad at these guys.

This one noticed me taking a picture of him and came rushing over to see what the deal was.

The top one reminds me of the dog from the Never Ending Story.

Someone has a snaggle tooth!

Stole his owners glove...

Sometimes they come in twos!

Just remember, when in Paris, pay attention to what's on the sidewalk.


  1. love love love all these little poopers! :)

  2. Agreed! Well worth the mess!