Rome Eats and Treats

I was perusing through my pictures of Rome and realized how much of a great time I had! The highlight for me was definitely the eating / drinking. Rome was surprisingly affordable (but I guess I am comparing it to Paris...) Also, great company makes a good trip that much more enjoyable.

It's good to see that some fashion trends never die.

The structure of a formal Italian meal is as follows: Apertivo, antipasto, primo, secondo (with contorno), insalata, formaggi et frutta, dolce, and finally the digestivo and caffe. Because we have limited funds and limited waist lines, we usually just ate a primo each and split a secondo and dessert. We also managed to fit in a litre of wine and digestivo :)

Our primo consisted almost entirely of lasagne.


Dolce. I know a cornetto isn't considered a dessert but as far as I'm concerned it is. Those things are delicious. 



We would also manage to snack throughout the day.

We were greeted by this tree every morning from the window of our hotel. It was my first time seeing an orange tree and at first I thought it was fake. I guess that is what happens if you grew up on the 53rd parallel. 

Rome is great, but so is Paris.

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