Village de Noël

It will be strange celebrating Christmas in such a milder climate. I kind of miss the snow and cold during this period, then I think about this (pic from the Edmonton Journal):

Fortunately, Paris has some decent Christmas markets that makes up for the lack of blizzards and -20 weather. The Village de Noël is probably the most visited one because it's on the Champs-Elysées.

The market takes up a few blocks and is filled with all kinds of stands.

I'm not sure why Mulled wine isn't as big back home as it is here but these stands should be on every corner.

I opted for the extra large.

These things are equally as delicious. It's like a marshmallow covered in chocolate.

Don't worry, there are plenty of other treats if you are not a a marshmallow thing fan. The gingerbread men reminds me of when DJB and I first started dating. I made him a gingerbread man thinking he would cherish it forever, instead he instantly bit the head off.  

This smelled as good as it looks.

Whoever invented this should be awarded the Nobel price in condiment delivery.

I finished off the day with a Germanic sausage. I forget exactly which one, but there are a ton of vendors from Alsace so there is no shortage of hearty food. Look at all those healthy veggies!

Is Paris a winter wonderland? No, but I'm fine with not having my mascara freeze for at least one winter:)

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