Venice Eats and Treats

I could post about Venice for an entire year because it's just that amazing. But here it is, the last Venice post. When you patrol the streets of this town, you will undoubtedly want to eat and buy everything you see.

To eat (and drink) well in Venice you don't have to spend an arm and a leg. There are panini and sandwich shops everywhere. I had a truly authentic Italian experience at a sandwich shop. I pushed my way through 10 old Italians and struggled to order six sandwiches. Everyone laughed at me when I ordered spritz with my meal (as it is an aperitif) and the server told me I had to have wine. It was great. Six sandwiches and two mini glasses of wine cost 7 euros.

Speaking of spritz, this stuff is amazing. Recipes vary, but 3 parts prosecco, one part Aperol, and a splash of soda will do the trick. Orange slices or olives are also a nice touch.

This amount of sun dried tomatoes in Edmonton could probably buy you the Oilers.

Apparently pasta is big in Italy..BTW the legend of Marco Polo bringing pasta to Venice from China is false.

Legitimate chestnut roasters. Much more appealing than the shopping cart ones in Paris.

My only purchase was a pair of Italian leather gloves (DJB has us on a tight budget). I could have spent thousands!

The Pan Dei Dogi is a Venetian special. It took me hours to get through this, but it was worth the stomach ache. The Tiramisu is, not surprisingly, also really good.  

But the treat champion is definitely Gelato coupled with the amazing Italian coffee. I imagine this is a nightmare for someone who is lactose.
I miss Venice, but then I think "What a minute, I live in Paris!"

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