If you want an authentic tourist experience in (slightly outside of) Paris, then Versailles is the place to be. I can't imagine what this place is like in the summer because it was packed when we went this month! Versailles used to be the centre of French power, I believe Louis moved his court here in about 1682 – originally this was all swamp land - in fact, if I'm not mistaken, in old French the word Versailles means something like "terrain where the weeds have been pulled". The main structure is French classical style at its height - the work, I believe of Louis Le Vau, I think Mansart and Charles LeBrun - Midnight in Paris anyone?

Just a warning, I'm about to unleash a lot of photos. This place is beautiful.

Gold seems to be the colour of choice for 17th century royals.

Be prepared to line up!

Poodle shrub.

This was the spare bedroom.

It's weird I took a picture of the sign in the Kings bedroom but not a picture of the actual bed.

The Queen's bed! (Which is actually a king size bed).

How did a picture of our dinner table setting get in here....

To take this picture I got DJB to make a seat with his hands so that I could squat down. The people beside us thought it was a thing and started doing it too...haha!

If a tree falls in the forest and there is another tree in the middle of it and only a bird hears it, does it make a sound?

 If you ever wonder what you look like when a bug flies into your eye...this is it.

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