As promised, here are some Venice pics. It is impossible to do this place justice and it's safe to say that Venice is a must see for anyone who is interested in travelling. It's no wonder that the entire city is a UNESCO world heritage site. What wasn't amazing was how we almost missed our flight, we arrive at the airport twenty minutes before our plane took off. Apologies to the old lady we cut off ruining out of the bus and also to the passengers whose luggage was thrown around when DJB turned into the incredible hulk.

Venice is definitely a good introduction to Italy.

No Italian experience is complete without seeing two men yelling at each other in Italian.

We stayed on the island of Giudecca, so for a few days the trusty Vaporetto hauled us from island to island.

Clothes lines everywhere.

It's called the city of bridges for a reason.

The American!

DJB went on and on about the historical significance of these horses...

Water ambulance.


This was kind of an odd thing to see everywhere.


Gondolier .

Looking towards the grand canal.

While walking (getting lost) around the city you will stumble on many squares.

Going over the Grand Canal.

This guy was pulling hundreds of fish out of the canal. I like her reaction.

I couldn't get a very good shot of this, but she paid the guy 10 euros to drive her over the flooded street. Why was the street flooded you ask...

In some regions, Italy has a youth unemployment rate of 40%.

Is talking on your cell phone and driving illegal in Venice?

Gondola traffic jam.

Thought I forgot? Well the city floods about 60 days of the year. They call this "acqua alta" and we experienced it during our first day. We should have paid more attention to the sirens sounding that morning.

Saint Marc's square.

These cost 10 euros, don't ever pay a penny more!

The locals just power through this as if nothing is out of the ordinary.

Does it get any more cliché than this? I love it! More Venice to come. 

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  1. Those flood pics are crazy! Makes for some unique photos though.
    And I LOVE that night pic of the yellow chairs / street light prominently on the left!

    Oh yeah, pulled up this as a quick little reminder :)