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While in the middle of taking pictures for this post I was yelled at on the street by a lady, first in French, then in English. Unfortunately, during my french classes, they did not teach me how to respond to someone accusing you of secretly taking pictures of them. I tried to assure her that I wasn't taking pictures of people, but she refused to believe me. Anyways, the point of this post is to showcase my new neighborhood!

We live in the 15th arrondissement ("The fighting 15th"). Paris is organized by districts called "arrondissements", and our place is about 15 minute from the Eiffel tower. It is a remarkably "untouristy" given it's proximity to the largest tourist trap in the world. A five minute stroll from our door yields some classic French sights. In France, there are separate shops for everything, if you want meat, you go to the butcher. If you want bread, then you go to the baker, etc, etc.

A short walk down this street is all you need to shop like a Parisian:

The vegetable and fruit shops only carry vegetables / fruits that are in season.

I have no idea what price this would translate to in pounds and Canadian dollars.

If you get tired from shopping on a hot summer day you can always stop for biere blanche at the numerous drinking establishments that you will pass. I must always be tired...

Paris was an early adopter of the bike sharing movement that has sprung up in places like NYC and Montreal (and very unsuccessfully Toronto).

It's never hard to find park around this city.

Metro (in english "metro") stops are everywhere.

Flowers are definitely a Parisians best friend. 

The butcher shop, which constantly smells like deliciousness. 

Butcher fare.

Of course, a cafe.

Probably the most important shop, the bakery.

Cliche picture of Macarons. 

This is a chain that sells all kinds of treats. No relation to Jeff Bridges.

Jeff bridges makes delicious waffle cones.

Our street is so named because it is right next to a church. Every day we hear the church bells ringing which is comforting but can be irritating when your head is already ringing from red wine. 

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