Left Banked

Paris is segregated into Arrondissements and Quarters (which can straddle multiple Arrondissements), but the most important division of the city is the left and right bank. The Seine curves up and down and it may be difficult to conceptualize if you are on the right or left bank. The trick is to look at which way the water is flowing and face downstream. If you are standing on the left side of the river, then you are on the left bank, if you are on the right side of the river, then you are on the right bank. If you are in the river, you should seriously consider calling for help. The other day we decided to stroll the left bank of the river, as we live on the left, and this is what we discovered.

Half pipes, which reminded me that a few years ago moving here seemed like a pipe dream.

Lots of lounging.

What's a French lunch break without a hammock.

Constant reminders of the metric system.

Also constant reminders that the French can turn anything into something that is visually appealing. Like the underneath of bridges.

or shipping containers...

or piles of logs...

Hopefully these kids are getting as lost as I do around this city.

Finally, a map I can understand, with arrows!

DJB was itching to show this wall his mad drawing skills.

As you can see he has the writing of a 3 year old (no offense to any toddlers reading this)

Although very liberal, French society can seem a little backwards. I hope that one day, extremely tall men and short women will be able to roam the streets of Paris together, free from oppression.

We ended our stroll at one of the "Lovers Bridge". This is where you symbolize your love for one another by locking the lock to the bridge and throwing the key in the river. If you ever do it, make sure you throw the right keys in the river.

I wish J and R the best.

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