Spring Forward.

During an unusually warm February day, DJB and I decided to walk around part of the Latin Quarter. I completely forgot we took some pictures during our outing and stumbled upon them just now. Why am I showing you old pictures (other than the fact that there are some great things to see in the Latin Quarter)? It's so that you can see the contrast between Spring (from tomorrows post) and Winter. Spring is awesome in Paris!

In winter, the usually busy tourist streets are sometimes empty.
 These are the steps that Owen Wilson would wait at during "Midnight in Paris".
 Empty and bare Jardin du Luxembourg.
 Frigid lovers.

Great random pieces of art.

In the summer, you'll probably find American tourists looking for this address: 74 rue Cardinal Lemoine. At this address, you will find this plaque.

The Latin Quarter is also home to the narrowest street in Paris.

That was a quick taste of our mild winter. Tomorrow I will show you a taste of our amazing spring!

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