On Saturday, we took advantage of the sun and headed to Fontainebleau. Fontainebleau is located 60kms south of Paris. It is famous for the chateau Fontainebleau and amazing forest. People from Fontainebleau are called Bellifontains, I have no idea why I find that funny. The town is also home to the business school INSEAD.

We took the RER (our second RER experience), it's a short walk from the tain station to the forest, which leads to the city center / chateau.

It's a very idyllic 20 minute walk through the forest to the chateau. Unlike the time when we went to to the Bois de Boulongne, we encountered no prostitutes on our stroll. We stopped for some baguette sandwiches before entering the chateau garden so that we could have this view during our lunch.

The chateau gardens were amazing, not as elaborate as Versailles, but it was amazingly deserted for such a beautiful Saturday.

We didn't actually go into the chateau, because if you've seen one chateau, you've seen them all :) That might be just my opinion!

The town itself is cute.

We spent an amazing day wandering around. The day ended with a perfect stroll back to the train station along the "grand canal".


  1. A friend of mine started at INSEAD in August, but we never made it out there to visit her/the city. Looks pretty though!

  2. It is! I imagine it would be hard to study in such a picturesque place!