Paris By Movie

People like to prepare themselves before travelling to a city. Some read guide books, while others prefer to watch movies that were filmed in their destination of choice. If you are heading to Paris, you should probably check out the following movies. They are a great way to get you excited for your big trip!

Midnight in Paris: The film's opening provides some amazing shots of the city. After watching this movie you'll really want to stroll around the Latin Quarter.

Amélie: Of course an authentic French movie is one of the best ways to get a taste of Paris. Watching Amélie will let you tour around Montmartre with authority. 

Paris, Je T'aime (Paris I love you): This movie is a compilation of short films. Each film is set in a different arrondissement. The film set in the 14th is hilarious. 

Before Sunset: Okay I posted this yesterday, but it's that good that it deserves to be posted again. Paris is definitely the third main character in this film.

2 days in Paris: Adam Goldberg's character is constantly afraid of getting sick and so is DJB. Naturally, I like this movie. 

Last Tango in Paris: Ok, this is not a PG movie, but it certainly pays tribute to the Bir-Hakeim bridge. The clip is from the opening scene. Interestingly enough, Marlon Brando never memorized his lines. I actually did a post on this bridge here.

Happy watching!

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